Do These Look Like The Faces Of Two Parents Who Are Suing Their Kid’s School For Allowing A Six-Year-Old Boy To Wear A Dress?

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Source –  A Christian couple are ‘taking a stand’ and suing their son’s primary school after a six-year-old boy was allowed to wear a dress in class. 

Nigel and Sally Rowe have withdrawn their two boys from the Church of England school, claiming there is an ‘agenda overriding our beliefs’. They believe it is wrong that young children have to confront the complex issue of transgenderism, and took action after their six-year-old son came home ‘confused as to why a boy was now a girl’. His brother, eight, was withdrawn a year ago over a similar incident.

The school said teachers are educating children about ‘gender inappropriate pronouns’ and encouraging them to see transgender people as ‘real’ males or females.

Mr Rowe, 44, said the children will now be home schooled. ‘We’re doing it because we want to make a stand for parents like ourselves who feel there is an agenda going on that is overriding our beliefs. In basic terms, we believe it is wrong to encourage very young and vulnerable children to embrace the false promise of transgenderism.

‘We have great compassion for children with gender dysphoria. All children are special. But we think their parents are being served a huge injustice by the schools – they need more professional, private consultation.’

Mr and Mrs Rowe played an active role in the school, which has not been identified, and used to help take assemblies. Mrs Rowe, 42, said she had a good relationship with the mother of the six-year-old boy who came to school in a dress.

Tough break for the kids. The little guy was genuinely curious as to why his buddy came to school in a dress and the parents reacted with a lawsuit and a media tour. He’s six-years-old!  He would’ve had an easier time understanding why some people wear dresses than why mom and dad are scared of his friend. It’s the same old song and dance for Nigel and Sally, they ripped their eldest out of school a year earlier for the same reason.

I genuinely don’t like to exploit the unintelligent but I just can’t help myself.

Cringeworthy yet hilarious. They’re SO serious. Like, genuinely concerned about a kid playing dress up. “How do children deal with that?” Um- they’re six, they don’t. Teachers are still wiping their asses, they don’t give a fuck if Jimmy shows up to class looking like Cher. It was confusing because their tone was so pleasant. Like they were unintentionally apologizing for their stupidity. I could’ve fallen asleep if I wasn’t listening for content.

It takes an impressive lack of self awareness to go on television and preach discrimination. On top of it all, they think they’re still cool with the mother of the boy.

“Mrs Rowe, 42, said she had a good relationship with the mother of the six-year-old boy who came to school in a dress.” 

Not anymore you idiot. Typically when you publicly shame someones child, the parents don’t stay friends. Even though the name of the school and the child are anonymous the damage is done. Poor kid probably didn’t even know he was doing anything “wrong.” Not only that, now their own kids have to suffer through eighteen years of homeschooling with this guy.


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Anyways, their argument is that despite the research it’s impossible for children to comprehend their gender.  Even though the child in question does. Sure, it could be a phase but chances are it’s not. Let the fucking kid wear a dress and figure it out for himself. If he’s doing it for attention it’ll end, if not who gives a shit.


At least the school’s doing the right thing. Encouraging students to see transgender people as ‘real’ humans is always a positive. Credit to the kids though, they already already knew that. It’s the parents who need the education.

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