Introducing 5th Year – The Best College Account On The Internet

5th year script

Welcome to 5th Year. As you’ve probably seen Rone and Caleb have a snapchat show each Friday on the snapchat discover page where they showcase the best college tailgate experiences in the country. Its great. If you haven’t seen it then you should check it out this Friday. On top of that we  have 5th year on Instagram and Twitter which will bring to you the best college content from across the nation, DAILY. Whether you’re a lowly freshman looking to make a name for yourself launching from a 3 story balcony to a folding table below, or a 53 year old super senior trying to get in on that list bit of college bar action before heading out into the real world, 5th Year is your go to place to see it all. #NeverGraduate.

Also every Sunday at 6 PM on Twitter, 5th Year will be releasing the top 20 videos of the weekend #BestOf5thYear. Here is some of the best 5th year has to offer from the first two weeks of school.

LSU: A wounded animal is a dangerous animal

Michigan: “A Michigan 9″ 

Boston College: “just drink a lot of water, because it about to get thirsty”

Villanova: A Live look at the end of every “Saturdays are for the girls”

Wisconsin: Literally every college bathroom, ever

Illinois: Hi I’m Sarah Mclachlan and for just $1 a month you can help basic girls off the bathroom floor and back on their feet into society

Kentucky: When the girls get in on the CTE >>>>>>>

SUNY Albany: When sending turns into dying

Texas: The Gates Of Hell

Maryland: When you see your friend hooking up with a 5

Ole Miss: Hotty Toddy

ETSU: Heroes get remembered but legends never die

Maryland: What in the flying fuck? 

Kentucky:  ….and she dead

Iowa:  A behind the scenes look at the gates of hell

Plymouth State: Nobody is safe in the paint

Louisville: We have found patient zero



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