Skier Bro Rips Through The COOLEST Parkour Training Run

YES! A thousand times yes!! Pure, unadulterated joy watching this skier bro play the floor-is-lava game. Like many parkourers(?), the beauty in this run is that he makes it look easy. Have you ever tried to stand on one of those inflatable gym balls? Let alone JUMP onto one? There’s no chance it stays under you, which means your head snaps back and smacks the ground, you lose your eyesight, and everyone laughs at you for being blind for the rest of your life. Or, at the very least, your knees explode. This wouldn’t be the worst thing for this dude, since skiers’ knees explode pretty much once a year. You guys ever try slack-lining? Broken elbow city. I’m the most athletic person I know, and I could maybe do 3% of this course. But then again, when I go skiing, I’m cruising through pow pow and enjoying the mountain air on my face before lunch at 11AM, followed by one more run, followed by “après?” Young Andri here is training to hit jumps the size of my parents’ house; he needs to take over a children’s gymnastics gym to get himself ready for the next big slope style event that nobody gives a shit about, even though it IS cool.

When I was a kid, we used to go to this amazing playground and play this same game. I remember being terrified because you actually convinced yourself that the wood chips on the ground were alligator-infested lava pools. If so much as a shoelace dipped into the lava, you became stir fry for the alligators that somehow, miraculously, could live in lava. Amazing how imaginative and stupid kids are. Thank God I turned it around on my SATs.

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