The Packers Put Russell Wilson In Their Back Pocket Yesterday

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Was it the smoothest of wins? Nope, in fact the Packers haven’t won this way in some time. They dominated time of possession by having the ball twice as long as Seattle did, and held the Seahawks out of the end zone. That type of win didn’t exist last year as Green Bay had to rely on the right arm of #12 to outscore their opponents. Nope, instead it was the Packers defense that dominated on Sunday, giving Wilson fits in the pocket, having him look over his shoulder almost every play.

The first half was weird, with Rogers almost throwing a pick 6 right off the bat (something he’s done only once in his career). The Pack benefited from a pretty invisible penalty on Cliff Avril for an illegal block above the waist during the return. Also on the play, Jeremy Lane was ejected for a “punch” he apparently threw on the play on Davante Adams. In all honesty, it was bullshit, but who was I to complain?


The defense, despite starting at midfield, forced Seattle into an immediate three and out. This was a microcosm of what was to follow for the rest of the game. To start the 3rd quarter, the fantastic Mike Daniels forced a fumble inside the 10 leading to the Pack’s first points of the game, a Montgomery rushing touchdown.

Daniels was a menace throughout the day, racking up 5 solo tackles and a 1.5 sacks, tied for the team lead with Nick Perry. He’s been worth every penny of the extension Ted Thompson gave him a few years ago.

Towards the end of the 3rd, Aaron did what he does best and caught the Seahawks changing personnel, leading to a free play. You can’t give him those. They literally practice this shit every day of what to do if they catch a defense offsides or having too many men on the field. They like to call it organized chaos, and it’s crazy no other teams do this as much as they do.

Nothing like a Rodgers to Nelson deep cross over the middle for a touchdown. Football is truly back baby.

And that was truly all she wrote. Seattle never really threatened after that point as their weak offensive line stood no chance against the all of sudden relevant Packers pass rush. As the Pack were bleeding out the clock late in the 4th, Rodgers ran for a first down, but chose not to slide and instead dive. This gave K.J. Wright an opportunity to put a hurting on #12, which newcomer, and growing fan favorite, Marty Bennett took exception to.

Was it a dirty play by Wright? Not really because Rodgers was diving, but it could’ve led to a bad hit. Was it probably a dumb play by Bennett to get an unsportsmanlike penalty that late in the game? Yeah, but it was after they got the first. I personally fucking loved it. If there’s one thing about Rodgers it’s that gaining his trust in the passing game is a struggle. There are rumors that only half the guys on the team have his phone number because he’s that type of guy with his circle of trust. Well, you wanna make Aaron Rodgers like you? Toss a guy going for his head to the fucking ground. Don’t mess with Marty Bennett’s quarterback. A few plays later Rodgers found Bennett for a 26 yard gain, icing the game, and giving the Packers their first win of the year.

Let’s go to Atlanta for some Sunday Night Football, and more importantly some payback. Go Pack Go.

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