The Cleveland Indians Are A Pretty Good Baseball Team, Have Won Eighteen Games In A Row

Baltimore Orioles v Cleveland Indians

Coming into 2017, the way that their season ended last November, the expectations for this Cleveland Indians team should’ve been a World Series title. The returning players from last year’s roster more than likely believed that, but Vegas didn’t.

Well, what about now? The Dodgers have lost 10 straight, the Cubs haven’t been the same dominating team as they were last year, the Red Sox have fallen well short of expectations, and teams like the Blue Jays, Rangers, and Giants have taken huge steps back compared to last year. On July 19, the Indians were three games over .500 at 48-45. Still a first place team by a half-game, but I don’t think anybody was talking about the Tribe bulldozing their way to October at that point. The Indians have gone on to win 39 of their last 50 games, the best record in the majors by a pretty significant margin.

Most importantly, though, they’ve won EIGHTEEN of their last EIGHTEEN fucking games. At this point, I’m just wondering who’s going to play Terry Francona in Moneyball 2. The Rock? That’d probably be Tito’s pick, but he’d have to be played by Patrick Stewart. There’s literally no other acceptable option unless The Rock really wanted to do it. The 2002 Oakland A’s won 20 straight games and were bounced in the ALDS by the Twins in five games. The Fightin’ Francona’s have won 18 straight, and it would be so disappointing if this team doesn’t get back to the World Series to redeem themselves.

And I don’t even like using the word “redeem” there, like it was some great upset to lose to the Chicago Cubs last year, the team that was favored to win the World Series from spring training through the end of the postseason. But they did have a 3-1 lead in that series (people forget that), and I’m sure that there is a great sense of having unfinished business, regardless of what their series lead was. They got to Game 7 of the World Series and lost, then they made their team better in the offseason. Logic would tell you that they now have a team that’s good enough to win the whole fuckin’ thing.

If you’re a baseball fan and your team either isn’t making it to the postseason, or once they get bumped from postseason play, the Indians should be the bandwagon you jump on. Not just because they’re good, but because they’re a really, really fun team to watch, managed by the best manager in the game, and their story is one that everybody can relate to. They’ve been discounted a countless number of times over the last couple of years, and no matter how many times they continue to prove themselves, the story is always about somebody else.

Well, it’s hard to ignore 18 straight wins. And if they go on to cap this season off with a World Series title, then, yeah. It’s going to be hard to ignore that, too.

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