Wake Up With Brian Wilson Closing Out The 2010 World Series

The even year championship run of the San Francisco Giants ended this past season, but what a run it was, and it all started with this championship right here in 2010. I was actually at this game. Not sure why. Well, I lied. I do know why, but it’s not that great of a story. I had a buddy who lived close to the stadium, and I saw tickets to a World Series game were relatively cheap, so I said fuck it. Went to Texas, and it ended up being the clinching game. Even if it’s not your team, it’s pretty awesome to watch a World Series clincher. Definitely something every baseball fan should experience at least once, even if it isn’t your team.

The reason why we’re reliving this moment here on a Friday morning is because Barstool’s new baseball podcast called Starting 9 hosted by yours truly and Dallas Braden debuted yesterday, and former Giants closer Brian Wilson was our first guest. You can check that out by clicking here, and it would help us out a LOT if you could subscribe on iTunes and leave us a rating. Preciate you.

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