Breaking: Girl Who Leaked Our Contract “Not For Attention” Announces She Has A New Job Less Than 24 Hours After Leaking Our Contract “Not For Attention”

BAHAHAHAHA! What a fucking world! Yesterday it was oh look at me! Look at me! Barstool tried to make sign a contract with a standard comedy clause in it and I refused to sign it even though they offered to change it and work with me to make me comfortable and now I’m a victim. Who cares that it was written by all women lawyers? Who cares that the contract had 3 pages of zero tolerance police on sexual harassment in it. Nope! Harvey Weinstein is in the news so let my piggy back on this story and put my name in the headlines. But it’s not about me! I swear it’s about the cause.

PS – I’d like to announce I just got hired for a new gig and hope you watch it.


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