Larry David Was Asked If He Ever Invites People To His House And His Response Is The Most Genuine LOL Ever




I’m not a Buzzfeed reader nor am I a 12 year old girl, in body at least, so I rarely say, “Literally me.” But every time Larry David gets on a late night couch that’s exactly what I find myself doing. In the past he’s waxed poetic about cancelled plans, and that was literally me.



Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 2.21.11 PM





Now he’s talking about inviting people over and he’s omg literally me. People? Like humans? Over my house/apartment if you’re a blogger? Hahahahah. Oh no no no, my friend. Never. Not once. I’ve still got Kmarko asking for a house warming party and I’ve lived here for a year, I’ve got friends who lived in NYC for years who don’t even believe I actually moved here because I’ve only seen them once and have never invited them over. Why? So you can eat my food and make a mess of my place? No thanks, I can do that all on my own, I can do it better than you can.


People, “guests,” over your house… HA! Now me and Larry have heard it all.



PS – That jaw movement is so captivating. I’ve watched this clip 100 times just to stare at that. I’ve watched 8 seasons of Curb, all about 100 times, and I’ve never seen that laugh. I’m jealous, like a husband in a TV show suspiciously telling his wife “I’ve never seen that smile from you,” when she greets an old friend. What have you been hiding, Larry? Are you telling me you’re capable of genuine happiness? Has my whole life been a lie?

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