Last Night In The NBA: The Warriors Went A Little Crazy

Golden State Warriors v Minnesota Timberwolves

Welcome back to Last Night In The NBA where we catch you up on everything you may have missed from the night before in the NBA. There were just two games last night, but boy were they both doozies. Here’s what you missed

Magic 93 Heat 90

What a battle for bragging rights in Florida this game was. A huge fourth quarter for the Magic gave them the win, and they were led by their high flying RFA Aaron Gordon who had 19/6 on 9-14 shooting.

The Magic also loved alley oops, and blocking shots, and despite their 23 turnovers still held Miami to a respectable score.

For Miami, well Heat fans, welcome to the inconsistency of Kelly Olynyk. I’m sure you did not enjoy his 1-7 performance, especially after he played pretty well in the game before, but I’m sorry to inform you that’s sorta just what happens with Olynyk. You will love him and hate him all at the same time.

But not every Heat player was an embarrasment to the game of basketball, Josh Richardson had 19/2/4/4 on 7-13 shooting

And Hassan Whiteside looks every but as dominant as we remembered with 17/15 of his own

Chances are MIA wins this game if Dragic played, but instead, Miami falls to 1-2 so far this preseason

Warriors 142 Timberwolves 110

I don’t know much, but I know for sure that the defensive effort from MIN in this game probably gave Thibs a brain aneurysm. As impressive as the Rockets 144 was a few nights ago, this wasn’t that much different, and they did it against a real NBA team!

I guess the Warriors were tired of losing their preseason games and decided to actually give it the good ol college try and my word were they ridiculous. They shot 57.7% from the field as a team, and 59.3% from behind the arc. That is laughable.

For MIN, just Wiggins was able to reach double figures with 15, but the play of the night for them has to be Jamal Crawford crossing dudes up like he’s been doing for the last like 20 years. Hey Durant…SEEEE YAAA!!

A lot of people have been hyping the Timberwolves after the summer they had, and it was a really good summer, but I think in this game the Warriors reminded them just how far away they are.

And that’s everything you missed last night in the NBA, there’s a full slate today with 7 more games, so if you spend the day watching football instead, make sure to check back here tomorrow morning!

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