Saints Fans Want To Buy Billboard Outside Falcons Stadium For 28-3 Sign


(Source) — For $1,000 a week, Saints fans want to make Falcons fans relive the Super Bowl collapse with a billboard displaying the now infamous 28-3 third-quarter score near Mercedes-Benz Stadium.




Any other team in the world and I think this is a lame move. Trying to glob onto the Patriots success in order to promote your own squad? That’s not allowed.


Unless you’re a Saints fan.


The Patriots and the Saints are brothers. Our franchises are brothers, our coaches are tight, our QBs are tight, and the fans respect each other. I tend to look at us like the North¬†and the Wildlings (Game of Thrones¬†reference! SEO, bitch!). We’ve seen what horrible power is coming and we know that unless we stand together we can’t fight it, it will beat us. The Patriots and Saints have been screwed over by The Night King and have decided to join forces while the rest of the NFL kingdom calls us crazy. You guys are the crazy ones! We know his evil and we know his power and we know that alone we will fall.


So you have our blessing, New Orleans. Hit Atlanta with all the 28-3 jokes you’ve got. We stand with you, and you stand with us.

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