Clem Thinks That It’s Ok For People Who Are Hungry To Eat Dogs


This week on the Podfathers, Clem and I talked about a wild array of shit. We talked about which coaches would make great fathers, why Clem likes eatin ass, and how Stone Cold Steve Austin might be the best example of the Step Dad that you absolutely don’t wanna have. It was all going great until we got to a part about eating dogs.

Sure. Eating dogs is a natural progression when you have a podcast that is hosted by two middle-aged fathers. I think we are middle aged. No disrespect to us if we don’t qualify as being middle-aged.

After a while, Clem started to make sense with his eating dog argument. He said that there’s tons of really hungry people in the world and thousands of dogs are killed senselessly to do shelter overpopulation. Why should the dogs just be wasted? Surely there’s something useful that we can do with these animals. Can we end childhood hunger just by listening to my loveable pal Clem, who is a dog lover despite what the title of this blog might suggest?

That being said, it was me who made the suggestion that we eat dogs instead of just killing them. It’s a last resort type of situation though. I hope people start taking their dogs’ sexual reproductive ability into account. Stray dogs are a problem.

“Chaps why did you say that Clem made up the idea if it was you? Seems dishonest, you pubic-bearded asshole.”

You think I want that type of social media backlash? I know that people only read the titles a majority out of the time, so if anyone is gonna take that hit it’s gonna be Clem. Suck it, Clem. RIP your mentions.

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