Cubs Beat Nationals 3-0


In the words of my good personal friend, and the Chicago Cubs official Director of Morale Barstool Fred:


Seriously. This is Bad Boy Baseball. Like not one thing about this game made me afraid of the Nationals. At no point did I think the Cubs were not in full control. Kyle Hendricks just shoved 87 mph fastballs up the Nationals butts and honestly I think they liked it. Because god only fucking knows they sure as hell didn’t want to hit. That lineup looked pathetic. I’m curious how the Nationals won 97 games with the team that played tonight in Game 1 of the NLDS. Maybe I’m wrong. Probably not but whatever.

Here’s the bigger point… the Cubs are playing with house money right now in Washington D.C. They get to face Max Scherzer, RELAXED, with Jon Lester taking the hill. There’s a chance he drags his balls all over the field just like Hendricks did tonight but that will ultimately come down to fastball command. FOR NOW, let’s just enjoy the 1-0 lead and get absolutely hammered tonight.


(don’t even know the guy but whatever it felt good)

PS – Nationals Park is easily the least electric professional stadium in professional sports. I swear I’m hearing crowd noise.

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