Did The Indians Lose To The Yankees Because Trevor Bauer Is A Trump Supporter? Newsweek Investigates


And, maybe, they aren’t getting to play the power-hitting Astros because of Donald Trump?

Some explanation. During that Game 4 where he was yanked so early on, Deadspin noticed that Bauer might not have had his eyes completely on the game. Bauer started blocking people, the website reported—including the author of the piece, Barry Petchesky. Bauer was apparently irked—in the middle of the most important baseball game of his season—because people kept retweeting some of his old pro-Donald-Trump posts.

Oh yes—Bauer is a supporter of the president. A tweetstorm from February of this year was memorable for Bauer claiming that “almost all” of his Indians teammates support Trump. Another tweet from the same day apparently invited a user to kill himself.

You know what? I’ll be honest and peel back the mask a little bit. I’m embarrassed. I’m not embarrassed because, like many people are saying, “my dick is lookin like a greek hors d’oeuvre. Ole grape leaf skin dick.”


Im embarrassed because I didn’t even think about how Bauer’s rant for Trump in February could have affected his play yesterday. I’ve been triggered on twitter before. Who hasnt? When people start taking shots about my venmo being closed and whatnot it drives me crazy. I dont let the haters win, though. Sadly, I cant say the same thing for Bauer. Bauer let it eat at him for months and he let it eat at him yesterday as well. So now he’s not only missing the ALCS this year, but he’s also a certified snowflake. What a rough 24 hours.

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