Guess That Ass Tattoo


What an incredible tattoo. Lots of people are gonna say, “this fucking loser will regret this tattoo for the rest of his life.” No chance. You aren’t looking at your own ass in the mirror enough to even care about your ass tattoos. At least I’m not. Sure, I give it a gaze every now and then just to make sure it still pops, (it does) but I’m not looking back to see how fuccin thicc I am every day. Once a week is PLENTY. If I had tons of room left on my arms, I would get a sleeve of meaningless regular season scoring lines. Random teams. Random weeks. It really is kinda upsetting that I have so many shitty tattoos that I cant get even more shitty tattoos.

Iowa State knocking off Oklahoma in week 5 of the 2017 college football regular season is tattoo worthy and I’m glad this fella realized it. If I dont regret my Ronald McDonald tattoo ten years later, he wont regret his new ass art either.


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