I’m Sick And Tired Of People Coming At Willson Contreras Because He Slid Into Mia Khalifa’s DM’s

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Watch Starting 9 every night at 11, it’s seriously awesome.



So this is apparently a story. Mia Khalifa “blowing up” someone who slid into her DM’s for the 10,000th time. She did this to Swag Kelly, she did this to Duke Williams, and now she’s doing it to our guy Willson Contreras. First of all, in the grand scheme of DM’s this is harmless. Is Willson sending Mia his dick? No. Is Willson saying he wants to fuck? No. Is Willson being lewd and inappropriate? Hell no. He’s just trying to find a friend. Mi Friend. The guy is in a foreign country working a hard as hell job looking to meet new people and socialize in different ways. Since when did that become frowned upon? The world is a shitty enough place already. So now we’re going to start calling out people who are trying to network? Trying to make online connections in an offline manner. Should everyone on LinkedIn be thrown in twitter jail too? And don’t start with the hypocrisy of this whole thing. All I hear is how millenials don’t talk to each other anymore, millenials don’t have relationships. Then when a millenial reaches out to a fellow millenial we suddenly say that they’re trying to fuck? Get your mind out of the gutter. Grow up, Internet. I stand with Willson, he did nothing wrong besides wish that a person was doing well lol.


I don’t have a second point, I just start sentences with “first of all” because I think it makes me sound dignified. Whatever.



If you don’t like my reasoning in this blog I also just found out Willson’s agent said he was hacked. Who hasn’t been hacked and then had the hacker never tweet anything but instead DM a porn star over and over for 3 weeks straight trying to blatantly fuck said pornstar? Ive seen it happen a million times.

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