Rhino Sex! Rhino Sex Here! Ice Cold Rhino Sex Here! Getcha Rhino Sex!

Folks, those rhinos were absolutely fucking their brains out. Our pal was deep in them kinda dinosaur guts. Our man put his ivory horn straight up in that business. It was good too. You know that. You could damn near feel the passion through the screen.

Feel bad for the big fella, though. He was doing his damn thing and caught a cramp. We’ve all been there. You are about to shoot a Cruz Missile down your rhino lady’s vagina and boom. You’re cramped up. You’re hurting. You continue to cum though and you mess the blankets and sheets. 1000 thread counts didn’t stand a chance with that pre historic goo.

“God damn it! There’s cum on the sheets now.”

“I’ll clean it up. I’ll clean it up.”

“First you gotta clean up yourself. Good lord. I can see it dripping down your thigh. What’s wrong with you? We’re going back to condoms.”


You’ve been cum shamed. It’s not the first time and it certainly won’t be the last. The problem with testicles is that they control the shaft of the penis like an unmanned water hose. You just don’t know where that juice is gonna go. Unfortunately, that’s why people hate surprise parties and being uncircumcised. The uncircumcised penis haver is more likely to suffer from premature ejaculation because the hood of the penis covers the most sensitive part of the dick. The head! So when the uncircumcised penis is uncovered, the man feels like one of those people who wear the glasses that reverses the effects of being colorblind. Your dick can see colors for the first time and it’s just absolutely overwhelming. So you orgasm. Hard. Simple as that.

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