A Doctor Has Concluded Binging TV Shows Makes You Lose Sleep

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FOX 5 - Now that more than 60 percent of American households have access to a video streaming service, binge- watching has become almost a national past time.

You have probably been there: you start watching your favorite TV show, and then you can’t stop.

WebMD Chief Medical Editor Dr. Hansa Bhargava says she’s been caught in the sticky web of binge-watching.

But a new research finds binge-watching may hurt us when we try to go to sleep.

The study, published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, involved 420 young adults between the ages of 18 and 25, who binge-watch to varying degrees.

40percent said they binge-watched once in the last month.

About 28 percent report watching back-to-back episodes a few times a month.

About 14 percent do it several times a week.

And 7 percent of the volunteers told researchers they binge-watched almost on a daily basis.

“What they found is the more likely you are to binge watch, the more issues you have with sleep arousal, insomnia and, of course, focus and feeling tired the next day.”

More than 70 percent of the study participants said they did not set out to binge-watch, they just fell into it.


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You know, Michael Scott had a point here and he didn’t even know he was making it. I should have been a doctor. I blame nobody but myself for not becoming a doctor. Everyone should become a doctor.

We see studies like this one all the time. “Studies show if you dance around bears, you have a better chance of getting attacked”. “Studies show drinking beer makes you happier, ugly girls appear more attractive, and make white people think they can dance”. And now the brand new, groundbreaking study, brought to you by The Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, says that staying up and watching Netflix makes you more tired the next day.

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Insane, right? When you continually tell yourself “one more episode, one more episode”, and then next thing you know you’re on season 5 of The Office at 3:30am, you very well will be more exhausted at work the next day/week/month.

I can’t even imagine how great it was for our parent’s generation. It’s legit the only thing I’m somewhat jealous of the older folk about- they got a TON of sleep. They didn’t have 9,000 distractions from sleep. I Love Lucy or whatever nonsense show would end at 10, and then that was it. No HBO, no Netflix, no Internet black holes to fall down, no nothing. Just a good night’s sleep before waking up well rested the next morning. Productivity through the roof. Sure life was super boring and they didn’t have amateur dorm room porn, but man, they slept at night, and of that one little thing, I’m jealous.


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