Bryce Harper’s New Cornrows Are A Complete Game Changer




Can he run? No. Can he walk? Barely. But is Bryce still the number 1 story in all of baseball? Absolutely. No matter what he does, much like Simba before him, he’s always standing in the spotlight. That’s why it’s silly when people argue “face of baseball”. We ain’t talking about the best player (though during his MVP season 2 years ago he made a strong argument for that as well). The Face is the person who turns the most heads. Who the kids line up to see and want to be. Who gets talked about on Starting 9, your one stop Internet shop for all things Major League Baseball, every Sunday-Thursday on Facebook, even though he hasn’t swung a bat in a month.

It’s not about “having a high WAR” or “winning multiple MVPs”, no sir, it’s all about the hair,

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 8.40.52 AM


the hair,



the hair



Without Bryce in the lineup, the Nats have expanded their NL East lead to an astonishing 17 games. So they are going to be as cautious as possible with him. No need to rush him back whatsoever. But when he does come back, he’ll do so healthy and with a beautiful set of cornrows. Could this be what the Nats need to get out of the NLDS? Many people agree, yes. Yes it is.

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