Bumble Wants To Get You Laid…..And Help You Find A Business Partner Too!

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From my understanding, there are two king pins in the “get you laid at 2am” business- Tinder and Bumble. I think the general consensus is Tinder has the trashier but easier girls, and Bumble’s girls are hotter but harder to rope in. I’ve asked around and it seems Bumble girls have higher standards, very unfair! But now, let’s say you are old, balding, and getting pudgy, there is a still a spot for you on dating apps- Bumble Bizz!

While your buddies are getting blacked out and swiping right on everything from 10/10 models to Louie Anderson in a wig, you will be making business connections and networking with…well…other people on Bumble. I mean why use a site like LinkedIn which is used by millions of professionals around the world, when you can connect with drunk bros and sit in coffee shops talking about your bullshit app that for sure will not change the world in the slightest.
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But hey, who knows, maybe Bumble is about to take over the business world, one blacked out connection at a time. And at the very worst, a cup of coffee the next morning is much cheaper than an abortion.



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