I Feel For This Cute Old Lady Who Made A Last Ditch Effort To Find Coffee In The Hurricane

I love her. So genuine. So pure. While everyone is supposed to be evacuating before Irma comes and lays the smackdown on Florida, our cute old lady, who I have no doubt name is Maude, just wants to find some coffee. She probably stocked up on bread, milk, eggs, maybe some beans, and then last second was like “well I’ll be shoot darned”, realizing she forgot the coffee. So she did the only rational thing and jumped in her fiat to find a store that was open. Is it pouring rain and already flooding? Maybe so. But Maude knows she’d rather die in this hurricane than deal with caffeine withdrawal headaches. If you’re a coffee drinker, you just felt that pain and instantly agreed that Maude was doing the right thing. Most people I know don’t even drink coffee for the rush anymore, they drink it just so they don’t feel like garbage from not drinking it. Maude already accepted the fact this hurricane could wipe her and her husband Boris right off the map, she wasn’t about to have a migraine at the same time. Respect.


and has been causing mass devastation already


Stay safe Florida stoolies, don’t be a hero. Unless it’s to get coffee.

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