I Was Duped- Thirsty Ass Mia Khalifa Is Doing A New TV Show With Gilbert Arenas

Damn. I was duped. Hand up, that’s on me. I shoulda saw it coming. I played right into their hands, and for that I give them the upmost respect. It was all a ploy to market their new show, which now I have no choice but to blog about.

WaPo - The first time Gilbert Arenas and Mia Khalifa met together with the producers of their new sports talk show, they alighted on the same question.

“Are we allowed to swear on this show?” Khalifa recalled with a laugh this week.

They are, as it turns out. And the question probably reveals something of the tenor for their joint venture. “Out of Bounds,” a daily program scheduled to premiere Oct. 16 on Complex News’s YouTube Channel, will bring “the comments section to real life,” according to a Tuesday news release announcing the endeavor. The show will also personify “the rawness of social media commentary in an authentic way,” according to the release. And it will be led by two personalities who built massive online followings out of their willingness to say just about anything.



“the comments section to real life,” 

LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOO! What a concept! PFT Commenter in the form of Gilbert Arenas and Mia Khalifa, what a fucking doozy.

But I will say this- hiring Gilbert Arenas sounds like a suicide mission. This dude is RUTHLESS on Instagram. I mean he’s Rappapartpot times a million. He’s talked about “no old hoes” at the All Star Game, he trolled the people of Flint about their water situation, and who could possibly forget his rapey dating advice? An all time classic.


As annoying as Mia Khalifa can be, I will say she does seem to actually like DC Sports…if she’s suited to actually host a show about them, that’s left to be seen. I’m sure people will watch because of that whole “ability to deep throat a dick” thing she got famous for, and because Gilbert is absolutely outrageous, but we’ll have to wait to see if anything actually good comes out of putting them together. I mean Skip Bayless gets a 0.0 rating in major markets for his show, so people aren’t necessarily tuning in to garbage television shows these days.

The Washington Post article goes on and on about how Mia loves sports and how Gilbert is a maniac and so on and so forth. I mean I already hate that I will have to blog sound clips from this show, but that’s what they are there to do, make waves, and I don’t doubt they’ll do an adequate enough job. God fucking dammit.

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