Jayson Werth Had A Message For The Nerds After Clinching The Division

Amen, brother. People want to get on their computers and try to work out BABIP, BQR-S, and wRC+, but none of that matters. Because at the end of the day, you can’t measure chemistry in the clubhouse. You can’t put a metric on how when one man goes down, the next one gets up and the team doesn’t miss a beat. Some teams crumble and fall with injuries. They don’t have each other’s backs. They are self-centered “me” guys. Not the Nats though. And nobody knows it more than Jayson Werth. He’s a guy who has seen it all. He’s been around the block, back, and then around the block again. And while he’s battled injuries all season, he’s been a positive presence on all the kids who have stepped in and made a difference. There’s no stat for it, but everyone knows it exists. So keep your books and math and bullshit to yourself, and if you do think that stuff matters…well…..


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