Ravens Shut Out The Bengals In Cincinnati 20-0

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals

What a clinic. What a fucking clinic. I hooted and hollered about this defense for months and told everyone that it was special. This is just one week, but I think I may have underestimated them. This game was in Cincinnati. The Ravens don’t fare well in Cincy. It’s pretty much the one place where they seem to go into every year and just lay a complete egg. Not today.

This was the formula for the Ravens for the entire season. Dominate on defense, take care of the football and eat clock, and win the turnover battle. They made Andy Dalton look like the complete and total clown that he is. 4 picks and a strip sack to boot. Joe wasn’t spectacular and he didn’t have to be. Made the throws he had to make, only had a couple boneheaded throws, and the defense bailed him out the one time he turned the ball over. Won’t be the last time that will happen, and that’s fine.

All I know is that dominant defense is back in Baltimore. Gotta love it baby. 1-0 with a HUGE road division win to start the year. Great day to be a Ravens fan.


PS I remember last time the Ravens opened with a road shutout against a divisional foe….


Screenshot 2017-09-10 at 4.07.21 PM

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