Redskins Lose A Shitty One!

The Redskins did not lose because of that botched call at the end. Let’s say that upfront right now. While Kirk definitely threw that ball and it was weirdly called a fumble and then upheld after a review, it’s not why they lost. Kirk was bad, Terrelle Pryor was bad, Morgan Moses was bad, the running game was never established, and Gruden’s play calling was bad. The offense was just shitty. The defense was pretty good, besides on 3rd downs. What the fuck is their deal with not stopping anyone on 3rd down? It’s a ridiculous, multi-season issue¬†and they don’t look keen to be solving it any time soon. Besides that though, Breeland was fantastic, the pass rush was there all game, and the run defense was strong. But in the end, the offense couldn’t get dick going, Reed and Thompson were drastically underutilized, and the O-line was not great.

The Skins still had a chance to win at the end because the Eagles head coaching is pretty terrible, but that Cousins pass being called a fumble stopped any chance. Sucks but such is life.


Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 4.18.50 PM

It sucks. It’s horrendous. But it’s¬†football I suppose. Plus, Gruden stinks in openers.

The Skins will figure it out and bounce back, that I am sure of. Bet the house vs the Rams next week.

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