Redskins vs Eagles – FOOTBALL IS HERE!!!! – Week 1 LIVE BLOG

We made it, everyone. We made it through the Summer. The most treacherous part of every year, the dog days of summer when the only thing on to watch is a Marlins vs Padres game. And now look at us! College football is in full swing, NHL camps are opening, and the NFL is BACK! Week 1 getting us started super hot with Skins vs Eagles. The Skins won both matchups last year, and I do not think they plan on dropping the opener today. Reed and Crowder are both playing, Pryor is ready to go, and Kirk is about to prove why he’s being paid 90 million dollars this season. I’m fired up. RedZone locked and loaded on one screen, Skins on the other. HTTR, let’s go.

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