Sloane Stephens’ Answer To What Motivates Her To Play Tennis Was The Best Possible Answer

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SI - Asked if she would go to a celebration for Stephens, Keys said she had been invited and was going. “She can buy me drinks—all of the drinks,” Keys said. “It’s obviously really conflicting. I’m really sad for me, but I’m so happy for her. Like I said, I think drinks will help me through this tough time.”

When Stephens heard the amount winners receive for winning the singles draw—$3.7 million, the most ever in tennis history for a single tournament— she looked shocked. “That’s a lot of money, my God,” she said on court.

Then, in the press room, she addressed her prize money again. That was refreshing given we often don’t hear players talk about prize money publicly. “Girl, did you see that check that lady handed me?” Stephens said smiling, when asked about whether this win will motivate her. “Like, yes. Man, if that doesn’t make you want to play tennis, I don’t know what will.”

What an incredible response to that question. A+. And what an equally incredible reaction to being handed a 3.7 million dollar check. I love the cut of Sloane Stephens jib. Most people when asked about “what motivates them” would give some cookie cutter answer about wanting to be one of the best, maybe talk about how Serena and Venus have been inspirations, possibly say how they want to make their parents proud. But new US Open champion Sloane Stephens is a breath of fresh air. She keeps it real. Did ya see that check? Did ya see the amount of money they just gave me? Personally, I’m inspired by her inspiration.

Madison Keys, the girl who finished runner up, is pretty dope too. She just wants Stephens to buy her a ton of drinks and get drunk. “She can buy me drinks—all of the drinks”. Amen, sister. I’ve seen interviews with Keys and she was naturally very likable and genuine. I think in the coming years a lot more people will take notice of her, she just has that certain je ne sais quoi about her. And definitely read the full SI article linked in the Tweet above, it’s pretty great stuff, even if you’re not a tennis fan per se.

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