Taylor Swift Continues To Dominate And Will Headline The CFB Halftime Show

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SI - Taylor Swift will perform the halftime show of the College Football National Championship on Jan. 8, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia, according to Entertainment Tonight.

“She will headline a concert in Centennial Olympic Park during halftime of the game,” the source told ET. “It will be a free concert. ESPN has her booked for the event and has a massive deal to release new music from [her upcoming album] Reputation through its college football coverage this season.”

ET also noted that Swift is sponsored by Coca Cola, which possibly prevents her from performing at the NFL’s Super Bowl halftime show that is sponsored by Pepsi. Her other sponsors, UPS and AT&T, frequently advertise on ESPN.


I don’t know how it gets better than this. The college football national championship and Taylor Swift, together at last. I was already planning on going to see my Maryland Terrapins beat Alabama, but this is just the cherry on top. It’s great because if theoretically if Maryland doesn’t make it to the national championship, maybe due to insurmountable injuries or a fluke immaculate interception, I can stay at home and watch the full concert on TV.

So right now let’s see: Taylor is the talk of the town, has the #1 song in the world after knocking off Despacito, and is set to perform at halftime of the national championship game.

Also, her new song premiered during Alabama/FSU.



How does one person continue to dominate? It’s actually amazing how great her and her team do this.


Meanwhile, Katy Perry will never get a job again after hosting the least-watched VMAs of all time.


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So on January 8th Taylor will be performing during half time of the game, and Katy will be performing at your buddy’s tailgate for free hot dogs.


PS: Shout out to me for using Taylor Swift in a Pats jersey as the thumbnail. Works every time.

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