The Nats Have Popped Champagne For Clinching The NL East…On September 10th!

Who clinches a division on September 10th??? That seems…way too early for that. But alas, despite all the injuries, all the setbacks, all the terrible late inning bullpen blowups, the Nats figured out every problem they faced along the way, and clinched the division on this here September 10th. They devoured the almighty NL East

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 5.30.56 PM

And they never took their foot off the pedal. When one guy went down, another stepped up. Michael A, Difo, Edwin Jackson out of nowhere, all guys who have stepped in and made a big difference. And then of course Zimmerman who has had a career resurgence, Trea who is so dangerous, Murphy who continues to be as solid as they come, the starting pitching, the reconstructed bullpen, and even ol’ Dusty. Nobody really knows Bryce’s status, but even without him, this is a solid, solidddddd team. And just remember, Adam Eaton was supposed to be apart of it too. Pretty nuts. So, 3 weeks of meaningless games and then the real fun begins. Our Year?!

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