The New Taylor Swift Is A Certified Banger And Has The Haters (John) Freaking Out


FIRE EMOJIS EVERYWHERE. What a tune. Sexy. Riveting. Catchy. The whole package.


I-I-I see how this is gonna go
Touch me and you’ll never be alone
I-Island breeze, lights down low
No one has to know

In the middle of the night, in my dreams (my dreams)
You should see the things we do (we do), baby (baby, mmm)
In the middle of the night in my dreams (my dreams)
I know I’m gonna be with you
So, I take my time
In the middle of the night





There were many haters who didn’t like Look What You Made Me Do. They couldn’t handle new Taylor. They couldn’t handle the fact old Taylor is dead. But even if you hated Look What You Made Me Do (like an idiot)



there’s no denying the one minute clip of her new song BANGS



We all make mistakes. John was all mixed up in his head. I allowed him back on board with the fellow Swifties. Live and learn. We all make mistakes. Water under the bridge, my sneaker sharing friend.


Not everyone was so kind though

Understandable. He went scorched Earth on our girl. So I can’t make you accept John back onto the Swiftie Train. He issued an apology


but if you need more out of him, I completely understand. If you need him to prove he’s ride or die after he tore Taylor apart, I can’t fault you. But he’s taking the steps needed to get back on board, so take it easy on him. Not everyone can be as smart as you and I.

I cannot wait for the full song to drop. Sounds like an all-timer. King Stay King.


PS: Katy Perry, rethinking her life, after hearing the new song:


Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 10.14.32 PM

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