The Orioles End Homestand With A Series Loss To New York Right Before Their Biggest Road Trip Of The Year

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We’re under a month left and the fight for the second AL Wild Card spot is toight like a tiger. After a 6-4 homestand, the Orioles find themselves a game and a half back of that second spot. Games that you thought would go the Orioles way, just didn’t. Yankees strolled into town fresh off a Sunday Night Baseball appearance and had a 2:00 first pitch the next day? You’d think that would give the Orioles an advantage, right? Nah. The Yankees looked like the team that had a full night sleep and were the ones ready to play, Orioles looked like they were sleep walking in their series opening loss to New York. Manny Machado showed up and saved the day on Tuesday with yet another walk off homer for their biggest and maybe best win of the season, but they follow it up yesterday with a laugher, a 9-1 loss where Kevin Gausman can’t even make it to the 4th. The starting pitching in this series stunk, just fucking stunk. Dylan Bundy went 4 on Monday, Jeremy Hellickson went 2.1 innings, and Gausman only went 3. Are you shitting me? How is this team in the playoff hunt where their starters go 9.1 IP in 3 starts. Give me a god damn break.

I’m not terribly disappointed with a 6-4 record these last few games, but a 7-3 or 8-2 would have put them in the drivers seat of that second wild card spot. They’re still playing pretty well over the last few weeks, winning 12 of their last 21, and 10 of 14.

It seemed like the Orioles were not going to let Aaron Judge beat them this series, and they did a good job of it the first 2 games. But then Kevin Gausman laid one right down the dick in the first inning of the Game 3, and Judge deposited it about 15 rows deep to center field, a 2-run bomb put the Yankees up 3-1. Judge is doing his best Mookie Betts impression against the O’s. On the season he is 22/49 (.448), with 9 homers, 18 driven in, 19 walks, and 12 Ks. Hell, Game 1 of the series he went 1-1 with 4 walks, I don’t hate the strategy, but it doesn’t help with the guys behind him are hitting him in. But whatever, he’s good, but you know who’s also very good? The guy who people were writing off at the All Star Break.

Manny Machado brought the only excitement for the Birds this series with a 1 AM, bottom of the 9th walkoff on Tuesday night. His third walkout in the last few weeks, the guy is on an absolute tear right now. His average is up to .271, he’s got 31 homers, and driven in 91. After his pitiful first half, he’ll finish with numbers very similar to last season. He finished off August with the AL Player Of The Month honor, and rightfully so. His numbers for August are stupid. .341/.348/.690 with 12 homers, 43 hits, and 35 driven in. It is pretty wild he only walked THREE times in the month, but when you’re mashing like Manny, I’ll allow it.

The Orioles now head out on obviously their biggest road trip of the year, a 10 game roady where they have 3 @ Cleveland, 3 @ Toronto, and 4 @ New York, where I’ll be attending the Saturday game and you can do if you get your tickets here. Safe to say that after these 10 games, we’ll have an idea if the Orioles will be getting their golf clubs ready for October, or if they’ll be punching their ticket for that second Wild Card spot. Can they make a run here? Absolutely. Do I think they will rip off an 8-2 or 7-3 trip? No chance. I know they just ripped off 7 in a row last week, but I just don’t think they can do it again, esp with the pressure on them now and the pitching going back to sucking ass.

Birds have 22 games left and sit with 71 wins. You’ve got to think maybe 85-86 wins gets that second Wild Card spot, so to have a realistic shot at the playoffs, the pitching absolutely has to be better, and much better. You’d have to think 15-7 or 16-6 gets them in, butttttttt I’m just not sure they have the firepower to make one last run like that. Let’s meet up in a few days and re-evaluate, I either head to New York as a sad, sad soul who is watching my team play for nothing, or I’ll be dancing up and down the aisles of Yankee Stadium while drinking JJ’s tears because the O’s are going to overtake the Yanks in the standings.

PS. Mark Trumbo was a wittle baby with the pie celebration after his walk off on Sunday which lead Adam Jones to announce via Twitter that the pies were no mas. Quit being a baby and have some fun, Mark. You notice the team has been sleepwalking since it was announced no pies……hmm.


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