Tip: If You Make $12 Million Per Year Playing Video Games, Don’t Drop A Hard N-Bomb On Your Live Stream

How about this guy Pewdiepie? I still can’t make heads or tails of him, but I know he’s very famous in the video game world, and famous enough to have an entire episode of South Park dedicated to him. I also know that he’s a big fucking idiot, because he found a way to make $12 million per year playing video games on the internet and then decided to drop a hard n-bomb for absolutely no reason. Like…think about it. Say you want to make a ton of money live streaming video games, and you had the choice of dropping n bombs, or not dropping n bombs- which would you choose? Well, Pewdiepie chose the former, like a big fucking idiot.

And this isn’t the first idiotic thing he’s done to cost himself loads of money. He lost his sponsorship deal with YouTube Red because apparently he finds pretending to be Hitler and killing jews to be quite the laugh:

Gizmodo - Last month Felix Kjellberg—better known to his 54 million subscribers as PewDiePie—was dropped by his Disney-backed representation at Maker Studios and had his premium YouTube RED series cancelled due to his use of off-color Nazi humor and imagery which many white supremacists interpreted as a dogwhistle. Since then, he’s learned nothing.

The game is not a Hitler simulator, but is instead the mediocre sandbox survival title Conan Exiles—Kjellberg merely models his character to have a Hitler-eque haircut. He roams the game’s environment, killing enemies he refers to as Jews. “It’s a level 3 Jews, it’s too strong for me,” he remarks, coming across some sort of neckless monster. The video’s credits list various Third Reich figures as members of the production team. Although the video was removed within an hour of being uploaded, Kjellberg soon reposted it. According to a tweet from PewDiePie, he only deleted the video to remove a brief instance of nudity. 

DUDE! You were backed by Disney and YouTube, two of the biggest, most important companies in the WORLD! HOW CAN ONE PERSON BE SO STUPID????????

It’s really not hard to use common sense. There’s like…maybe 10 words in the entire dictionary you shouldn’t use, and basically 1 Holocaust you shouldn’t make fun of. That’s it. And that was just too difficult for this guy Pewdiepie. So remember kids, if someone is paying you millions of dollars a year to play video games, maybe leave the n-bombs and glorifying Nazis in your pocket.

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