Today In Baltimore News- Man Stabs Another Man In Fish Aisle Of PetSmart


A 67-year-old man is charged in a stabbing that Baltimore County police say happened after a dispute in the fish department of a Dundalk PetSmart store.

Police say Duwade Marshall Moses and a 51-year-old man began arguing over who was next to be helped at the store in the 1500 block of Merritt Boulevard. They spit at each other, according to police, and threw merchandise at each other.

The other man punched Moses when he saw him reach into his pants pocket, thinking he could have a weapon, police said. Moses allegedly pulled out a folding knife and stabbed the other man in the upper body.

Moses was arrested at the store, police said. The victim was taken to the hospital and was expected to survive his injuries.


What a story we got here. Duwade (hell of a name) from Dundalk just trying to get to the local PetSmart so he can get some new purple and black rocks for his fish tank that houses several goldfish named Flacco, Suggs, Reed, and Ray-Ray of course. But we also had another man also in the fish aisle, he was trying to get the worker’s attention so he could ask which air bubbler would spell out the words “Fuck Pittsburgh” in his own personal fish tank. Seems as if there was an argument over who was to be helped first, and that is when “Donnie” from Dundalk reared back and punched Duwade, but only after he had reached into his pocket for his knife and then stabbed the other man. Classic pet store shenanigans.

I get being pissed at someone getting helped ahead of you, it’s happened to all of us, and you’re mad everytime it happens. But stabbing someone in the fish aisle of a PetSmart is on another level. Imagine getting stabbed, falling on the ground and you’re laying in a puddle of that fish tank water that is always on the ground in a pet store. I’d hate to be the doctor that diagnoses that new disease that comes from the lethal combination of rusty pocket knife and fish tank water. Also talk about a job where you can say “I don’t get paid enough for this shit”. Probably had an 18-year-old kid working the register just counting down the hours till he can get home and next thing he knows he’s got a guy laying on the ground in aisle 4 with the future Larry 6,7, and 8 flopping around.

My biggest take away though was that they were spitting at each other too. A classic move to start a fight. But if we’re being honest, you HAVE to stab someone if they spit at you. Spitting on someone is one of the worst things you can do to them. Absolutely have to have a blade ready to slash someone if they’re out there hocking loogies on you.

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