A Bunch Of Passengers On A Cruise Ship Got Unlimited Booze And Food After Hurricane Irma Cut Their Trip Short

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Fox News- Over 4,000 passengers fled from Hurricane Irma aboard a cruise ship appropriately called Escape. The Escape, along with another Norwegian Cruise Line ship, the Norwegian Sky, were scheduled to return to their homeport in Miami on Saturday and Friday, respectively. However, due to Hurricane Irma, the ships came back earlier to avoid sailing through the path of the storm. The cruise liner awarded each passenger a pro-rated refund for the leg of the trip that was missed, but the early arrival created additional problems for those with no scheduled hotels or flights out of Florida – which the ship alleviated with a generous offer. USA Today reported that the cruise liner was allowing those who couldn’t find transportation home on Thursday from Miami, or a safe place to stay, could sail back out to sea on the Escape to wait out the storm – free of charge.



This is an A+ move by this cruise ship company. A++++++ actually. People helping people in the worst of times by throwing unlimited drinks and food at the problem. That’s how I try to solve most of my problems. Even if it doesn’t work you still have fun. And yes, I’ve seen the reports of other cruise ships going out and saving people from the floods Hurricane Irma has caused. But I actually think giving people unlimited booze and food for free is just as important. Because maybe the most important thing people can do after this horrific hurricane is get their mind completely off of it. The clean up and rebuilding can start when the storm is completely over. The boozing and over-eating can start immediately. Take a day or two and forget your problems by drowning yourself in strawberry margaritas and cheeseburgers. It’s gonna be a long road for everything to get back to normal. Might as well get drunk.

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