Bikini-Wearing Baristas Claim That It Is Their Constitutional Right To Serve Coffee In Bikinis And I’m With Them

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WaPo- Across the Pacific Northwest — a region famous for its coffee — dozens of drive-through espresso stands have popped up with names such as “Twin Perks,” “Peek A-Brew,” and “Java Jigglers.” Customers are drawn by what the Seattle Times described as “coffee with a view.” When they pull up to the drive-through window, their coffee is served by a “bikini barista” in scanty attire. The bikini baristas have caused a stir in some of these cities, with residents and local officials complaining that the employees’ revealing outfits are inappropriate. Last month, the city of Everett, Wash., about 25 miles north of Seattle, passed ordinances banning bikinis at the town’s drive-through shops, requiring that employees wear at least shorts and a tank top at work. One of the ordinances prohibits employees at “quick service” restaurants from exposing their midriffs, breasts and the top three inches of their legs. The other defines a new crime of facilitating lewd conduct.


I love this. This is what the world needs in times like these. It’s about time the #BodyPositive movement started doing this. Instagram models should’ve been claiming this a long time ago (and maybe they already have). “Oh you think I’m just using my body to get Likes and Followers? Well you’re wrong. I’m doing it to express myself and be #BodyPositive” That’s what we’re doing at Barstool Sports. Duh. We’re a #BodyPositive website. We don’t do it for the clicks. We do it to portray the beauty of women. Boom. That’s how you 2017-spin the shit out of getting ripped for calling a college hockey goalie hot. We’re right. Everyone else is wrong. The people who are against that idea are Anti-Constitution and Anti-America. Sad. These baristas are correct as well. If they want to serve hot coffee in bikinis they should be able. No, the point of them wearing bikinis isn’t to bring in more customers. It’s an expression that the human body is beautiful and should be celebrated. That’s how you use the Constitution in your favor. #USA

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