People In Florida Are Told Not To Shoot Their Guns At Hurricane Irma


Yahoo- A Florida man who suggested shooting guns at Hurricane Irma out of “stress and boredom” has found that his idea has captured peoples’ imaginations – with over 46,000 signing up to join in. Hurricane Irma is due to hit Florida on Saturday, and the state is currently experiencing the largest ever mass evacuation due to a hurricane in American history. But Ryon Edwards, 22, came up with a novel way of amusing himself during the storm: firing bullets into it. He started a Facebook “event”, and as of Friday evening 46,000 people say they are interested. “A combination of stress and boredom made me start the event,” he told the BBC. “The response is a complete and total surprise to me. “I never envisioned this event becoming some kind of crazy idea larger than myself. It has become something a little out of my control.”



Well that’s bullshit. Sorry these people are trying to come up with a solution. Sorry these people¬†wanna take action against an evil storm that’s displacing hundreds and thousands of people and even killing a couple of them. And who knows? Maybe this would work. Yeah scientists are saying it wouldn’t work but they don’t know everything. Not to mention I wanna live in a world where there’s a tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny target at the very center of every hurricane that makes the hurricane stop completely if somebody presses it. How great would that be? Basically I want hurricanes and all natural disasters to be carnival games. God could’ve at least worked that in so we could have some fun with it. People just UNLOADING on every hurricane that comes to shore. Can you imagine the celebration if someone actually hit the target? They’d be paraded around the streets atop the shoulders of the townspeople. If God is gonna create a world where natural disasters happen all the time they should at least have an off switch.

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