World Long Drive Champ Thanks His “Super Hot Wife” During Trophy Presentation


Oh wow. How mad is Bleacher Report gonna be when they find out this guy called his wife super hot? Shake my damn head. But for real though, this is exactly the type of thing that makes the World Long Drive Championship one of the greatest golf events going. The contestants aren’t polished and they don’t have media training. They simply go out there, hit golf balls realllllllllly fucking far and then give hilarious victory speeches when they win. That was a genuine answer from that guy. His wife is hot and she is a big part of this. That’s all he was saying. ¬†And he’s right. Athletes always thank their mom and dad or God or whatever but you gotta give out to your hot wife cause that’s part of the motivation. It’s maybe the biggest part of the motivation. People forget that.

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