The Chargers Are A Team Without A Home


Ever since the Rams and Chargers announced their moves to Los Angeles we’ve all heard the same thing: LA doesn’t care about football. As the videos above prove, that’s simply not true. LA has a huge transplant market and Philadelphia fans showed out today. The Eagles got a ninth home game and so will most of the teams that travel to Carson this season. In the words of our dear friend Uncle Chaps: Actually bad!

If anything the Chargers should be treating LA like how the NFL treats London – send them a few games a year, try to get them to warm up to the concept of embracing you, and hopefully trick the youth into becoming lifelong fans of an AFC West team that still isn’t the Raiders. This also probably wont work but it’s gotta be better than getting thoroughly dominated by Eagles fans like this.

PS – the other LA team needs to get their shit together, too. The Rams look like a team that has to complete side quests and build up VC to unlock their final uniform. Just go back to the Dickerson era kits already and call it a day.

PNG image-C47A8DE35E85-1


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