Congrats To Aaron Judge On The Sex

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POSTIt looks as if Aaron Judge’s strikeouts have stopped. Off the field, at least.

The Yankees slugger was spotted at the U.S. Open on Saturday with some company, who appears to be a big fan.

Jen Flaum is, according to her LinkedIn, a recent University of Michigan graduate and a Franklin Lakes, N.J., native. And according to her Instagram, she’s been a fixture at Yankee Stadium this year.

“I got 99 problems but A. Judge ain’t one,” Flaum wrote earlier this year.

The extent of their relationship is unknown, but the two do follow each other on Instagram, where Flaum has flaunted her sweet seats and Yankees loyalty.

Everything I’ve heard about Aaron Judge is that he stays to himself and has a few hobbies off the field, but for the most part tries to stay out of the spotlight. All season his approach was that the slump that he’s currently in could happen at any time, so he didn’t want to add any distractions to his life. A very Jeter-esque approach to things.

Well the next step in being the toast of New York City just happened and everyone knows that Aaron is having intercourse and I think thats a good thing. First of all, it’s good because this girl is a total ROCKET and if you’re going to have the season that Judge has had, he deserves this. The second reason it’s good is because now he can just live his life. It’s out there that he was seen with a girl and the world didn’t fall apart, so now he won’t have to worry about it in the future. If he meets a girl and wants to go to dinner with her, he still can’t do it like a normal person, but he can at least not hide in his apartment. Hitting home runs is a big part of being a young stud on the Yankees, but so is dating smokeshows so this had to happen sooner or later.

HOWEVA, there is one problem I see with this relationship. It’s posts like this one that make me worry this girl is bad news. I mean this is the kind of thing I would post if I was in a player’s seat and I’m fucking dickhead just looking for self promotion. Now that we’ve popped the cherry of being seen in public with a lady friend, it’s time to put a cap on Instagram followers and bail once she hits that number. It’s tough love but we’re too early in this career to risk it all on a girl from Jersey.


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