Donald Trump Proclaiming Slim Shady Is A “Winner” At 2004 MTV Eminem Convention

Paging @OldTakesExposed! Paging @OldTakesExposed!¬†Donald Cold Take’d himself on this one. Screaming into the mic that Slim is A WINNER. The early to mid 2000s was a wild time, man. I dont even know what the fuck an Eminem Convention is. I dont remember that happening. But Donald Trump rallying a crowd for Eminem chanting “Sha-dy! Sha-day!” back when he was in the prime of his career and was fucking up the government and working the world into a frenzy is some wacky shit. Its probably when set this whole fucking thing in motion and led us to where we’re at now. Em was the one who got the world saying “Fuck the Establishment!” Thats the exact sort of thought process that got Donald in the White House. So how about that for some Butterfly Effect and things coming full circle? Anyway I am very much here for the feud between President Trump and 50 year old Eminem thats about the ensue.



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