Same Old Stagnant Offense Dooms Giants In Dallas


So much for the “new & improved” offense.

Outside of a 10-minute drive to open the second half & avoid a shutout, the Giants were simply abysmal with the ball. 2 TE sets & a fullback did little to provide a run game or provide either ends of the offensive line with any support. Hart & Jerry were abused in the first half before Flowers was exposed in the second. When Eli actually had a little time, an inexperienced Dallas secondary did a good job limiting his downfield options. The inability to sustain drives to simply give their defense a breath before halftime cost Big Blue any shot of a W.

The Cowboys owned first-half time of possession 2 to 1. They ran almost 3 times as many plays & gained 5 times as many yards. To the Giants credit, their defense stood strong for as long as they could. After ceding just a pair of FG their guys inevitably ran out of gas before Witten punched in the lone TD of the game. And to make matters worse, when the G-Men got the ball with around 1:30 left they could only reel off a few seconds before allowing Dallas another free 3. This type of offensive struggle was the case a few times last year – but the difference tonight was there was no Odell Beckham on the field to break a slant for 70 yards and 6 points.

Perkins stunk. There were a couple holes I thought a better back would’ve hit for big gains. Marshall was a non-factor & missed a big 3rd down opportunity in the second half. Was it a tough catch? Sure. Eli was rushed and threw it to the wrong shoulder – but Marshall was so wide open he’s gotta adjust & make a play. And if you wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, Cole Beasley took it away with this catch on a 3rd down play shortly after.

If Beasley can make one-handed snags on the back of his fucking neck, I need my guy with almost 1000 receptions to figure it out in that spot. Engram was OK even though Collinsworth seemingly had a hard-on for making it seem like his debut was a disappointment. Overall, there weren’t many chances for big plays & Engram had the biggest one (30 yards). Unfortunately, the very next play Eli tried to fit a football through a pin hole & put the nail in his own coffin.

Bright side? Well Odell’s coming back eventually. But we also might have a legit middle linebacker. BJ Goodson was all over the field. Had an NFL record 700 tackles (approximately). And as a unit, giving up just 19 points in the position their offense constantly put them in was outstanding. Snacks, Vernon & JPP all had a few highlights while Jenkins owned Dez again (that PI call was an absolute joke & Dez found a soft spot against a zone for his 35-yard catch). There’s nothing to worry about defensively. They’re as advertised.

Talk of different offensive schemes and talent upgrades sure as shit didn’t translate to on-field execution with the ball – but it’s one game. While the makeover might take a little lot longer than anticipated, there’s obviously no way their offense is THIS bad all season. So yeah it’s as ugly a start as you could’ve imagined yet they lost by just two scores. Throw ODB in the lineup, let the unitĀ build a little chemistry and all they’ll have to be is mediocre for this team with this defense to make some noise.

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