Stephon Marbury Announces He Is Attempting An NBA Comeback

Look at Stephon Marbury AKA Starbury AKA Peace Star looking to throw on the 4-5 for an NBA comeback out of the blue. Starburys are back on shelves and the Knicks suck. It’s like it’s 2006 all over again! Break out the motherfucking Vaseline!!!

I would say there was no chance Stephon Marbury would ever wear the orange and blue again, but we all know the phrase Once A Knick Always A Knick. All Stephon has to do is kiss James Dolan’s ring, make a statement against Charles Oakley, and he will have a freshly stitched number 3 jersey in his locker at MSG ready to roll. And even if Marbury reaches for the stars that is the NBA, he can always land on the Big 3 cloud. No matter where the court is, I’m just happy that Stephon will potentially be back on American hardwood. Especially since we know have the spiritual Peace Star tweeting about combining NBA Marbury with China Marbury to create some superduper player. Stephon Marbury may be crazy but I dig his type of crazy.

Also I may be reading between the lines a little too much here, but Marbury seemed pretty happy in China after signing a contract with the Beikong Fly Dragons. But then Barstool’s Asia correspondent/Marbury Enemy Number 1 Donnie Does arrives back to China yesterday and all of a sudden Marbury is looking to try a comeback in the best basketball league on the planet at the tender age of 40? Sounds like someone is ducking Donnie after watching how that entire Twitter beef with Michael Rapaport went down. Can’t wait to hear Donnie’s thoughts, since I’m pretty sure it’s like 1 AM over there right now and that crazy SOB has to sleep off all those beers and Fantas at some point.

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