The Cleveland Indians Blew A 2-0 Lead

Divisional Round - New York Yankees v Cleveland Indians - Game Five

It’s the morning/afternoon after and I’m not writing this at 1 AM drunk so I’m gonna just type out my thoughts and you’re gonna read them.

Corey Kluber is human. The most feared pitcher in the MLB was turned into an mere mortal in this series as the the Yankees lineup mashed and mashed against him.

2 Games | 6.1 IP | 10 H | 9 ER | 4 HR |

The Indians had won 35 of 39 games and then the Yankees decided to win three in a row against them. Cleveland hadn’t lost three in a row since August 1st. None of this really makes sense and then it does. The Yankees lineup was relentless from top to bottom. You’re getting a great at bat from basically anyone not named Aaron Judge Jacoby Ellsbury or Chase Headley. The starting rotation has become a strong point of this team after coming into the year as the biggest question mark. The bullpen is absolutely untouchable right now.

Two Trades

Brian Cashman will never get enough credit for the job he did to set this all up. On December 5, 2014 the magician pulled off one of his best tricks yet…

This whole year Didi has proved to everyone that he is an elite shortstop. He belongs in the ranks with Lindor, Correa, and Seager. Gregorious made FIVE MILLION DOLLARS this year. He’s one of the biggest bargains in baseball right now no doubt about it. He provided the Yankees offense in the biggest game of the year last night.

The other trade that will go down as a resounding success was taking Chicago’s bullpen and making it ours.

I don’t know where the Yankees are without those three guys, but it’s certainly not where they are right now.

Robertson and Kahnle have been nothing short of lights out in the playoffs.

Robertson: 8 IP | 4 H | 1 ER | 10 Ks | 1.13 ERA |
Kahnle : 5 IP | 0 H | 0 ER | 6 Ks | 0.00 ERA | (5 perfect innings)

Todd Frazier has quickly become the heart and soul of this team. The Jersey native brings the fire and passion every single game and is a huge presence in the clubhouse.

Frazier has even become a competent bat over the last few playoff games to go with his sure-handed defense.

Carsten Charles Sabathia

In an MLB Playoffs where starting pitcher has become an afterthought, the aging fat man CC Sabathia has shined brightly in the biggest of spots. Getting the ball in Game 2 against Kluber (although we blew the game) was incredible. Last night, when all we needed was just about four innings, CC came up with the goods once again.

At one point this year we thought CC had pitched his last game ever when he suffered a bad knee injury late in the season. Surgery was being discussed and CC was clearly not optimistic. And now this? Now he’s pitching the most important game of the season and DOMINATING? What a fucking turnaround.

Brett Gardner

You’ll have to look long and hard for a better at bat than the one Brett Gardner gave us in the top of the 9th inning. This 12 pitch at bat was a fucking work of art.

Just fighting off tough pitch after tough pitch until Cody Allen left a meatball fastball over the plate. Gardner ripped it into right field and gave Aroldis Chapman the two biggest insurance runs ever. Everyone at the watch party went insane as I sunk to the floor in disbelief. I didn’t even react. I just collapsed to the floor because this was actually happening. The Indians were dead, this time with Christopher Colombus no where in sight.

Joe Girardi

He’s off the hook. Game Two is a long distant memory now. This team rallied behind Girardi and had his back. I honestly can’t even remember what happened in Game Two anymore. I thought last night he managed the game very well, pulling CC at the perfect time, bringing in his best reliever to the most important outs in the middle of the game when Cleveland was staging a comeback. He went to Chapman for six outs and it paid off in every way. He’s off the hook folks.

Next Up Houston

We’re onto Houston baby. Boston, I wish you were joining us because it woulda been a lot of fun, but at the end of the day little brother just wasn’t good enough. Sad!

Anyways, now we dance with Chaps and Tex. It’s time for another war starting tomorrow night. I’m not scared of anyone after the way we beat up Kluber. Keuchel is scary as fuck but he’s human. After that gimme Verlander, gimme BRAD PEACOCK, gimme whoever else they have. I love this Yankees team and I’m ready to ride this motherfucker as long as we can take it. One game at a time. 4 wins down. Eight to go.

P.S. The Yanks are 3-0 since I got this stupid ridiculous asshole haircut

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