What a goddamn win!. The veterans in CC, Robertson, Gardner and Chapman stepped up huge tonight and Didi represented for the young guys while Judge works through his struggles. With this win, we’ve won more games than the Red Sox in 2017 and they’ll be sitting at home watching us play Houston in the ALCS.

CC said he wanted the ball in this game and delivered big time. He may have only gotten us to the 5th, but he handed the ball to Girardi in a totally manageable situation if our bullpen does they’re thing. Robertson got the ball to Chapman with 2.2 inning and thanks to the timely hitting of Gardner, with Frazier’s baserunning, and we’re moving on for the first time in 5 years.

Did Gregorious may be the most underrated player on this team. He has range and a cannon, but at the plate he is the most clutch player we’ve seen in years. Time and time again, if the moment in big, he delivers. Game 5 was no different with a first inning home run and a 2 run bomb in his 2nd at-bat.

The next round is going to be tough because Houston is STACKED, but they said the same thing about Cleveland. If Judge can wake up, we might just be young and dumb enough to make a run of this. I mean, we did overcome those first 2 games in the ALDS, so anything is possible.

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