As The NFL Season Kicks Off, It Is A Great Time To Remind Everybody That Patriots Receiver Chris Hogan Used To Play Lacrosse


According to multiple sources close to the situation, the first game of the NFL season is tonight between the Patriots of New England and the Kansas City Chiefs. One name that you’ll probably hear a lot during tonight’s broadcast is Chris Hogan. He is a wide receiver for the Patriots and will be key target for quarterback Tim Brady after the injury to noted pretty boy Julian Edelman. I know that Edelman is a professional athlete but I still think it is okay to acknowledge his well above average physical appearance without getting offended. Back to the matter at hand, though.

Chris Hogan is currently a football star in the NFL. But here’s a little something that maybe not a lot of people know outside of some small circles. Chris Hogan–yes, the same one that you’ll be watching on your television screen tonight–actually used to play lacrosse. And not just, like, for fun or anything like that. It’s not like Hogan played in middle school than gave up the sport for lacrosse. Chris Hogan actually used to play NCAA Division I lacrosse for Penn State. How heckin’ sweet is that? College lacrosse player to NFL wide receiver. Just figured that you guys would appreciate that little info nugget. Now when you’re watching the game with your friends, you can break out that fact and sound like the most knowledgeable fella in the room. You’re welcome.

P.S. – Here’s to hoping Chris Hogan has 500 million catches this year.


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