Be Honest, Does This Eagles “Completion” Season Pump Up Video Make It Move At All?

Cool, I guess. Talk about drowning in a lukewarm bucket of meh. Granted, Doug Pederson heading up a rebuilding team whose every move acts like its one player away from a Super Bowl doesn’t exactly translate into excitement. I mean, it’s football. You can feel it in the air. But this squad isn’t likely going to go far enough to elicit any sort of pure electricity. And this video kind of resonates that fact.

Or maybe it’s just that previous Eagles productions have been so damn good that this one just shits the bed. You know what makes it move? Brian Dawkins making me want to run through all the walls.

Bradley Cooper ripping the Cowboys before a Thanksgiving slaughter.

Or even this promo after Chip Kelly’s first game in 2014. Love me some Friday Night Lights feels.

Figure it out, Eagles. Or, better yet, just put all the concentration as a franchise towards winning on the field. That’s what makes it moves the most.

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