BREAKING: The Philadelphia Wings Are Officially Back. Let’s Gooooooo

In case you forgot, we marched up to the National Lacrosse League headquarters back in January. Our mission was to get the league to bring back to the Philadelphia Wings. One of the staple franchises of the NLL that was viciously ripped away from our city back in 2014. It was July 11, 2014 that it was officially announced that the Wings would be relocating after 28 years in Philadelphia. Since then it has been 1,158 days of misery. It has been 27,792 hours of sorrow and anguish as the 6-time World Champions have been playing in New England.

But our heartbreak is no more. After 3 years, the NLL is officially coming back to the City of Brotherly Love. Well, I guess technically after 4 years since the team won’t be back until the 2019 season. But Comcast has bought the team, they will play at the Wells Fargo Center, and all indications are that the team will be called the Wings again. They have a legitimate owner. The NLL headquarters is based right outside of Philadelphia. And the box game is booming in the US again. Honestly, I think this was the best way for the Wings to go about all of this. You take the team out of the city for a few years to drum interest back up. The game dies down in the US for those few years while the team is gone. Now there’s a resurgence of box lacrosse and the Wings are getting back in at the perfect time.

Holy shit I hope I live to see the year 2020. Flyers Stanley Cup. Eagles Super Bowl. Sixers win their 1st NBA Championship with Embiid, Simmons and Fultz. The Soul will have won their 4th Arena Bowl in a row. And then we’ll have the Wings winning the NLL Championship and every single NLL Championship from that point moving forward. City of Champions, baby.

P.S. – Let’s talk about how tight that spiral was since I know everybody is thinking it. Sure, it may have ended up being a pick six. But I’m a gun slinger. Sometimes you’re gonna get burned when you throw the ball farther than fuck. Still, that was a bomb especially with lacrosse gloves on.


P.P.S. – You can all thank me for my service later.



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