Canada’s Most Wanted: Police In Nova Scotia Are Looking For A Man Who Got Too Much Change From A Cashier


Metro – Police in Nova Scotia are asking for the public’s help identifying a man who they say left a store after getting too much change back.

The RCMP say around 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, a man walked into a restaurant on Highway 330 in the community of Barrington Passage, and purchased something using what is described only as a large bill. “The male became agitated causing the clerk to become confused, resulting in him being given a much larger amount of change back,” a police statement says. Police don’t say how much incorrect change was given, but say they would like to speak to the individual involved.

Boy. This province sure is going to shit, eh? And people wonder why I keep saying that Nova Scotia is no place to raise a family. It is completely riddled with crime. You’re not safe anywhere. Think you can just head on down to your local Tim Horton’s and safely grab some coffee? Think again, bud. Because one moment you think you’re getting a cup of joe. The next moment you’re in the middle of an armed robbery and by armed robbery I mean accidentally receiving too much change from a clerk leading to the cops blasting your face on Wanted posters like you’re some sort of fucking terrorist.

It really wouldn’t surprise me to see this guy get hit with the death penalty here. This is about as heinous of a crime you’ll ever see in Canada. In Canada–if the cashier gives you too much change back, you are expected to not only return the change but also apologize for the confusion and invite the embarrassed clerk back to your home for dinner. Somebody who just walks right out of the store with the extra money obviously lacks a moral compass. What’s next? This person going to park for 3 hours in a 2-hour parking zone? Maybe ask for a water cup at Chipotle and then proceed to fill it up with Dr. Pepper? Not on my watch. The Canadian judicial system needs to act swiftly on this one. We can’t be letting change thieves back on the streets only to become repeat offenders.


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