Francis And Hank Go At It And Then Some In The Week 3 Barstool NFL Video Game League

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ABOVE: Big Cat (ATL) vs. CPU (DET), Francis (Steelers) vs. Hank (Bears) –

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The video game world. Where friends become enemies in real life, and where real life enemies become friends. Was beef squashed between these two titans of Barstool in the virtual stratosphere (See previous transgressions here)? It’s hard to say. Check it out below and decide for yourself.

Through 3 weeks we’ve started to separate the men from the boys on the sticks.
We’ll have previews and official lines for Week 4 in a preview blog by Clem, but things are certainly heating up. And for those who ask why we are doing this in the first place, or even better, who the hell would watch? It’s a fair question. This isn’t just about playing and viewing video games. There’s more to it than meets the eye. Twitch offers an unique experience that offers the Barstool folk to connect directly with the people. On other mediums we have like the radio, podcasts, or even social media, there’s no free flowing form of direct communication between us and the followers. Every Twitch broadcast is essentially an AMA where people it’s basically the only spot where people can come join and shoot the shit directly with us. Where else can you specifically sit down and rap with Big Cat, PFT, Clem, Nate, Riggsy or any of us for an hour at a time? That’s the point of all of this. Not directly playing video games (which is awesome). It’s to bring people together, dammit.So subscribe and follow @BarstoolSports here, por favor).

Hubbs (DAL) vs. Trent (ARI), Clem (JAX) vs. Glenny (Ravens), Smitty (INDY)
vs. PFT (CLE)

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Tex (OAK) vs. Robbie Fox (Wash) In The Battle Of Who Was The Mightier Sperm When This Game Was Invented

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Coley (KC) vs. CPU (LAC) w/ Trill announcing

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Watch live video from barstoolsports on

Unfortunately, games are fairly spontaneous due to everyone’s schedule in the office. So keep an alert on Twitter, IG, and Twitch for when we fire up the machine. However, there will be Games Of The Week broadcasted live this Friday from 3-5pm. Stay tuned for more on that jazz.


Clem (Jax): 3-0
Smitty (Colts): 2-1
Coley (Chiefs): 1-2
Big Cat (Atl): 1-2
PFT: (Browns): 0-3
Hank (Bears): 1-1
Riggs (Car): 1-2
Trent (Ari): 1-2
Nate (Who has already said he’s in then immediately out no less than 400 times): Dead To Me
Robbie Fox (Skins): 1-2
Pres (If/when he pleases): N/A
Rone (Eagles): 1-2
Caleb (Bucs): N/A
Hubbs (Cowboys): 3-0
Glenny (Ravens): 1-2
Devlin (Bills): 3-0
Bretto (Jets): 1-2
Frankie Borelli (Sea): 0-1
Francis (Pitt) 2-1
YP (Packers): 2-1
Gay Pat (Broncos): 0-3
Tex (Raiders): 2-1

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