Hurricane Irma Footage Of The Entire Damn Ocean Crashing Through A House Is A Tad Bit Frightening

Footage provided by a resident of the tiny British territory, courtesy Rupert Jones, the former attorney general of Anguilla.

Well isn’t that one big fat nope. Hey, Rupert, what the FUCK are you doing filming the entire Atlantic Ocean invading a home like it’s the freaking third deck of the Titanic. There are no cowards in that situation. Get the hell out of there, man. And by the hell out of there I mean somewhere safe, not just outside the house like a madman. Ron White said it best: It’s not the wind blowing that will get ya, it’s what the wind is blowing that’ll get ya.

Seriously, try to stay safe down there, people. Everyone in that bitch Irma’s path needs to be weary of her wrath. Look at this monster compared to Hurricane Andrew, which was one of the most devastating Hurricanes the world has ever seen. Good grief this is scary.

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