Laying Down A Beat On A Gaming System While Freestyling Is Pimp On Fresh On Pimp

Fresh. As. Fuck. Please, by all means, save some pussy for the rest of mankind. And I get it. Many people may instinctually pull a Homer Simpson and go full “NERRRRDDDDDD” on these guys. But I, for one, choose not to saddle up on that distinction. These gentleman are providing a valuable service to society. Anyone who can provide great beats and to the public deserve some props. Dr. Dre should get on that GameCube sheeeeeeiiit (assuming I’m allowed to say that, in which I’m definitely not sure if I can).

My only complaint would be to fire up some of the classic tunes and freestyle over them. Or team up with our old pal Smooth McGroove and his chastity beard to rock some Zelda acapella. Those old school Nintendo themes had musical scores so divine they would’ve made Mozart ejaculate. Observe, and cream:

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